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Flitman, E.V. Co Author Listing * Distributed Infrastructure Enabling Effective Integration of Earth Observation Information Resources for Collective Solution of Archiving, Searching, Processing and Eo Data Analyzing Tasks

Flitti, F.[Farid] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Pose Estimation from Static Images Using Local Features and Discriminative Learning
* Image fusion based on pyramidal multiband multiresolution markovian analysis
* Markovian regularization of latent-variable-models mixture for New multi-component image reduction/segmentation scheme
* Probabilistic human pose recovery from 2D images
* Probabilistic Satellite Image Fusion
Includes: Flitti, F.[Farid] Flitti, F.

Flitton, G.[Gregory] Co Author Listing * 3D extension to cortex like mechanisms for 3D object class recognition, A
* Object Recognition Using 3D SIFT in Complex CT Volumes

Flitton, G.T.[Greg T.] Co Author Listing * 3D object classification in baggage computed tomography imagery using randomised clustering forests
* classifier based approach for the detection of potential threats in CT based Baggage Screening, A
* comparison of 3D interest point descriptors with application to airport baggage object detection in complex CT imagery, A
* comparison of classification approaches for threat detection in CT based baggage screening, A
* Fully automatic 3D Threat Image Projection: Application to densely cluttered 3D Computed Tomography baggage images
* novel intensity limiting approach to Metal Artefact Reduction in 3D CT baggage imagery, A
* Object classification in 3D baggage security computed tomography imagery using visual codebooks
Includes: Flitton, G.T.[Greg T.] Flitton, G.T.
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