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Fiss, J.[Juliet] Co Author Listing * Light field layer matting
* Refocusing plenoptic images using depth-adaptive splatting
Includes: Fiss, J.[Juliet] Fiss, J.

Fissmer, B. Co Author Listing * Time series analysis of multi-frequency SAR backscatter and bistatic coherence in the context of flood mapping

Fissore, F. Co Author Listing * 3d Modeling of Girifalco Fortress
* From Survey to FEM Analysis for Documentation of Built Heritage: The Case Study of Villa Revedin-bolasco
* From Tls Survey to 3D Solid Modeling for Documentation of Built Heritage: the Case Study of Porta Savonarola in Padua
* Low Cost UWB Based Solution for Direct Georeferencing UAV Photogrammetry, A
* Photogrammetric Reconstruction With Bayesian Information
* Solar Irradiance Modelling with NASA WW GIS Environment
* UAV Positioning and Collision Avoidance Based on RSS Measurements
Includes: Fissore, F. Fissore, F.[Francesca]
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