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Feiden, A.[Aldi] Co Author Listing * Classification of Areas Suitable for Fish Farming Using Geotechnology and Multi-Criteria Analysis

Feiden, D.[Dirk] Co Author Listing * Estimating Consistent Motion from Three Views: An Alternative to Trifocal Analysis
* Iterative Annealing: a New Efficient Optimization Method for Cellular Neural Networks
Includes: Feiden, D.[Dirk] Feiden, D.

Feiden, W. Co Author Listing * Fully automated segmentation and morphometrical analysis of muscle fibre images

Feideropoulou, G. Co Author Listing * Joint Source-Channel coding of scalable video with partially coded index assignment using Reed-Muller codes
* Joint Source-Channel Coding With Partially Coded Index Assignment for Robust Scalable Video
* Rotated Constellations for Video Transmission Over Rayleigh Fading Channels

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