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Eum, S.[Sungmin] Co Author Listing * Content selection using frontalness evaluation of multiple frames
* Enhancing Light Blob Detection for Intelligent Headlight Control Using Lane Detection
* JH2R: Joint Homography Estimation for Highlight Removal
* ME R-CNN: Multi-Expert R-CNN for Object Detection
* Negative Samples are at Large: Leveraging Hard-Distance Elastic Loss for Re-identification
* Planar content selection in images and videos using frontalness
* Recognizability assessment of facial images for automated teller machine applications
* Semantics to Space(S2S): Embedding semantics into spatial space for zero-shot verb-object query inferencing
* SomethingFinder: Localizing undefined regions using referring expressions
Includes: Eum, S.[Sungmin] Eum, S.
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Eum, S.M.[Sung Min] Co Author Listing * Face recognizability evaluation for ATM applications with exceptional occlusion handling
* Sharpness-aware document image mosaicing using graphcuts
Includes: Eum, S.M.[Sung Min] Eum, S.M.[Sung-Min]

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