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Esedoglu, S.[Selim] Co Author Listing * Digital inpainting based on the Mumford-Shah-Euler image model
* Fast Global Minimization of the Active Contour/Snake Model
* Finding the Global Minimum for Binary Image Restoration
* fourth order dual method for staircase reduction in texture extraction and image restoration problems, A
* Histogram Based Segmentation Using Wasserstein Distances
* Image decomposition combining staircase reduction and texture extraction
* Inpainting of Binary Images Using the Cahn-Hilliard Equation
* Local Histogram Based Segmentation Using the Wasserstein Distance
* On the Circular Area Signature for Graphs
* Segmentation with Depth but Without Detecting Junctions
Includes: Esedoglu, S.[Selim] Esedoglu, S.
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