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Eroglu, H.H. Co Author Listing * Induced Current Magnetic Resonance Electrical Conductivity Imaging With Oscillating Gradients

Eroglu, O.[Orkun] Co Author Listing * Automatic detection of eardrum otoendoscopic images in patients with otitis media using hybrid-based deep models
* High Spatio-Temporal Resolution CYGNSS Soil Moisture Estimates Using Artificial Neural Networks
* SCoBi Multilayer: A Signals of Opportunity Reflectometry Model for Multilayer Dielectric Reflections
* SCoBi-Veg: A Generalized Bistatic Scattering Model of Reflectometry From Vegetation for Signals of Opportunity Applications
Includes: Eroglu, O.[Orkun] Eroglu, O.[Orhan] Eroglu, O.

Eroglu, Y.[Yesim] Co Author Listing * mRMR-based hybrid convolutional neural network model for classification of Alzheimer's disease on brain magnetic resonance images

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