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Ergin, A.A. Co Author Listing * Pencil Back-Projection Method for SAR Imaging

Ergin, S.[Semih] Co Author Listing * Use of gradient and normal vectors for face recognition

Ergina, K.[Kavallieratou] Co Author Listing * Image retrieval systems based on compact shape descriptor and relevance feedback information

Erginay, A. Co Author Listing * contribution of image processing to the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy-detection of exudates in color fundus images of the human retina, A

Ergintav, S.[Semih] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Secular Ground Motions in Istanbul from a Long-Term InSAR Time-Series (1992-2017)
* Secondary Fault Activity of the North Anatolian Fault near Avcilar, Southwest of Istanbul: Evidence from SAR Interferometry Observations

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