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Enke, B. Co Author Listing * Learning to Detect Small Impact Craters

Enkelman, W.[Wilfrid] Co Author Listing * email: Enkelman, W.[Wilfrid]: enk AT iitb fhg de

Enkelmann, W. Co Author Listing * Experimental Investigation of Estimation Approaches for Optical Flow Fields, An
* Investigation of Multigrid Algorithms for the Estimation of Optical Flow Fields in Image Sequences
* Investigation of Second Order Greyvalue Variations to Estimate Corner Point Displacements
* Investigation of Smoothness Constraints for the Estimation of Displacement Vector Fields from Image Sequences, An
* Obstacle Detection by Evaluation of Optical Flow Fields from Image Sequences
* Towards the Estimation of Displacement Vector Fields by Oriented Smoothness Constraints
* Video-Based Driver Assistance: From Basic Functions to Applications
Includes: Enkelmann, W. Enkelmann, W.[Wilfried]
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