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Elloumi, M.[Mourad] Co Author Listing * Arabic handwritten words off-line recognition based on HMMs and DBNs

Elloumi, S.[Samir] Co Author Listing * novel approach for handedness detection from off-line handwriting using fuzzy conceptual reduction, A
* Unsupervised discovery of human activities from long-time videos
Includes: Elloumi, S.[Samir] Elloumi, S.

Elloumi, W. Co Author Listing * Improving a vision indoor localization system by a saliency-guided detection
* Real-time camera orientation estimation based on vanishing point tracking under Manhattan World assumption
Includes: Elloumi, W. Elloumi, W.[Wael]

Elloumi, Y.[Yaroub] Co Author Listing * Cataract grading method based on deep convolutional neural networks and stacking ensemble learning
* Mobile-aided screening system for proliferative diabetic retinopathy
* Parallel computation of Watershed Transform in weighted graphs on shared memory machines

Ellouze, M.[Mehdi] Co Author Listing * IM(S)2: Interactive movie summarization system
* Toward an interactive device for quick news story browsing

Ellouze, N. Co Author Listing * Improved one-class SVM classifier for sounds classification
* Invariant Primitives for Handwritten Arabic Script: A Contrastive Study of Four Feature Sets
* Iris Identification Using Wavelet Packet for Images in Visible Light Illumination
* Utilisation des modeles markoviens en reconnaissance de l'ecriture arabe: Etat de l'art
* Voicing Detection in Noisy Speech Signal
Includes: Ellouze, N. Ellouze, N.[Noureddine] Ellouze, N.[Nouredine]

Ellozy, H.A.[Hamed A.] Co Author Listing * Handwriting recognition employing pairwise discriminant measures

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