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Ebihara, K.[Kazuyuki] Co Author Listing * Human Body Postures from Trinocular Camera Images
* New Robust Real-Time Method for Extracting Human Silhouettes from Color Images
* Real-Time Estimation of Human Body Posture from Monocular Thermal Images
* Real-Time Human Posture Estimation Using Monocular Thermal Images
* Real-time, 3D Estimation of Human Body Postures from Trinocular Images
Includes: Ebihara, K.[Kazuyuki] Ebihara, K.

Ebihara, S. Co Author Listing * Arrival Times of Plane Waves Obliquely Incident on a Dipole Array Antenna in a Borehole
* Coaxial-Fed Circular Dipole Array Antenna With Ferrite Loading for Thin Directional Borehole Radar Sonde
* Improved Discrimination of Subsurface Targets Using a Polarization-Sensitive Directional Borehole Radar
* MoM Analysis of Dipole Antennas in Crosshole Borehole Radar and Field Experiments
* Resonance Analysis of a Circular Dipole Array Antenna in Cylindrically Layered Media for Directional Borehole Radar
* Super-Resolution of Coherent Targets by a Directional Borehole Radar

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