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Duo, E.[Enrico] Co Author Listing * Evaluating Short-Term Tidal Flat Evolution Through UAV Surveys: A Case Study in the Po Delta (Italy)
* Uncertainty of Drone-Derived DEMs and Significance of Detected Morphodynamics in Artificially Scraped Dunes

Duo, T.L.[Tian Lin] Co Author Listing * Application of entropy-based multi-attribute decision-making method to structured selection of settlement
Includes: Duo, T.L.[Tian Lin] Duo, T.L.[Tian-Lin]

Duo, Z.J.[Zi Jun] Co Author Listing * Oceanic Mesoscale Eddy Detection Method Based on Deep Learning
Includes: Duo, Z.J.[Zi Jun] Duo, Z.J.[Zi-Jun]

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