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Duleba, I. Co Author Listing * Hartley transform in compression of medical ultrasonic images

Dulebenets, M.A. Co Author Listing * Application of Evolutionary Computation for Berth Scheduling at Marine Container Terminals: Parameter Tuning Versus Parameter Control
* Drone Scheduling Problem: A Systematic State-of-the-Art Review, The
* Minimizing the Total Liner Shipping Route Service Costs via Application of an Efficient Collaborative Agreement
* Vessel Schedule Recovery in Liner Shipping: Modeling Alternative Recovery Options
Includes: Dulebenets, M.A. Dulebenets, M.A.[Maxim A.]

Dulecha, T.G.[Tinsae G.] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision System for the Automatic Inventory of a Cooler, A

Dulek, B.[Berkan] Co Author Listing * Corrections and Comments on An Efficient Algorithm for Maneuvering Target Tracking
* Joint Detection and Decoding in the Presence of Prior Information With Uncertainty
* Modulation Discovery Over Arbitrary Additive Noise Channels Based on the Richardson-Lucy Algorithm
* On the Optimality of Sufficient Statistics-Based Quantizers
* Online EM-Based Ensemble Classification With Correlated Agents
* Optimal Decision Rules for Simple Hypothesis Testing Under General Criterion Involving Error Probabilities
* Sequence Detection with Dependent Observations under Parameter Uncertainty
Includes: Dulek, B.[Berkan] Dulek, B.
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