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Du, E.[Eliza] Co Author Listing * Categorization-based two-stage pedestrian detection system for naturalistic driving data
* Soil Moisture Calibration Equations for Active Layer GPR Detection: A Case Study Specially for the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau Permafrost Regions
Includes: Du, E.[Eliza] Du, E.[Erji]

Du, E.Y. Co Author Listing * Component Analysis-Based Unsupervised Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis for Hyperspectral Imagery
* comprehensive multimodal eye recognition, A
* comprehensive sclera image quality measure, A
* Multistage Approach for Image Registration, A
* New Human Identification Method: Sclera Recognition, A
* Thresholding video images for text detection
Includes: Du, E.Y. Du, E.Y.[Eliza Y.] Du, E.Y.[Eliza Yingzi]

Du, E.Y.Z.[Eliza Ying Zi] Co Author Listing * Introduction to the special issue on unconstrained biometrics: Advances and trends
Includes: Du, E.Y.Z.[Eliza Ying Zi] Du, E.Y.Z.[Eliza Ying-Zi]

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