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Dourado, A. Co Author Listing * Angle constrained path for clustering of multiple manifolds
* Bayes information criterion for Tikhonov regularization with linear constraints: application to spectral data estimation
* Data Augmented 3D Semantic Scene Completion with 2D Segmentation Priors
* EdgeNet: Semantic Scene Completion from a Single RGB- D Image
* Learning Spectral Calibration Parameters for Color Inspection
* On the Estimation of Spectral Data: a Genetic Algorithm Approach
* On the Use of Neural Networks and Geometrical Criteria for Localisation of Highly Irregular Elliptical Shapes
Includes: Dourado, A. Dourado, A.[Antonio] Dourado, A.[Aloisio]
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Dourado, I.C.[Icaro C.] Co Author Listing * Graph-Based Early-Fusion for Flood Detection

Douret, J. Co Author Listing * multi-cameras 3D volumetric method for outdoor scenes: A Road Traffic Monitoring Application., A
* Reliable and Robust Lane Detection System Based on the Parallel Use of Three Algorithms for Driving Safety Assistance, A
* volumetric multi-cameras method dedicated to road traffic monitoring, A
Includes: Douret, J. Douret, J.[Jerome]

Dournes, G.[Gael] Co Author Listing * new processing sequence to assess airways using 3D CT-scan, A

Douros, I. Co Author Listing * Building symbolic information for 3D human body modeling from range data
* Improved Algorithm for Reconstruction of the Surface of the Human Body from 3D Scanner Data using Local B-spline Patches, An

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