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Doku, H.A.[Henry Akrofi] Co Author Listing * Novel 3D Imaging Systems for High-Throughput Phenotyping of Plants

Dokuchaev, N. Co Author Listing * On Transmission of a Continuous Signal via a Noiseless Binary Channel

Dokukin, P.[Petr] Co Author Listing * Detection of Changes in Arable Chernozemic Soil Health Based on Landsat TM Archive Data

Dokur, Z.[Zumray] Co Author Listing * Brain tumor classification by using a novel convolutional neural network structure
* Classification of heart sounds using an artificial neural network
* Segmentation of remote-sensing images by incremental neural network
* Segmentation of ultrasound images by using a hybrid neural network
Includes: Dokur, Z.[Zumray] Dokur, Z.[Zümray]

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