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Di, W.[Wei] Co Author Listing * Anomaly detection in hyperspectral imagery based on maximum entropy and nonparametric estimation
* Anomaly Detection in Hyperspectral Imagery by Fuzzy Integral Fusion of Band-subsets
* Cascaded sparse color-localized matching for logo retrieval
* Efficient Media Retrieval from Non-Cooperative Queries
* Furniture-geek: Understanding fine-grained furniture attributes from freely associated text and tags
* HD-CNN: Hierarchical Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Large Scale Visual Recognition
* Im2depth: Scalable exemplar based depth transfer
* Mine the fine: Fine-grained fragment discovery
* Region-Based Discriminative Feature Pooling for Scene Text Recognition
* Style Finder: Fine-Grained Clothing Style Detection and Retrieval
* View Generation for Multiview Maximum Disagreement Based Active Learning for Hyperspectral Image Classification
Includes: Di, W.[Wei] Di, W.
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