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Derman, E. Co Author Listing * Continuous Real-Time Vehicle Driver Authentication Using Convolutional Neural Network Based Face Recognition
* Normalized cross-correlation based global distortion correction in fingerprint image matching

Dermatas, E. Co Author Listing * Automatic Detection of Abnormal Tissue in Mammography
* Selecting and constructing features using grammatical evolution
* Vein Segmentation in Infrared Images Using Compound Enhancing and Crisp Clustering
Includes: Dermatas, E. Dermatas, E.[Evangelos]

Dermatas, E.S. Co Author Listing * Random-Walker Monocular Road Detection in Adverse Conditions Using Automated Spatiotemporal Seed Selection

Dermawan, C. Co Author Listing * In Traffic Jam IVC-RVC System for ITS Using Bluetooth

Dermouche, S.[Soumia] Co Author Listing * Leveraging the Dynamics of Non-Verbal Behaviors For Social Attitude Modeling

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