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Daub, B.J.[Brandon J.] Co Author Listing * Framework for Satellite-Based 3D Cloud Data: An Overview of the VIIRS Cloud Base Height Retrieval and User Engagement for Aviation Applications, A

Daube Witherspoon, M.E. Co Author Listing * Comparison of List-Mode and DIRECT Approaches for Time-of-Flight PET Reconstruction
* Efficient 3-D TOF PET Reconstruction Using View-Grouped Histo-Images: DIRECT-Direct Image Reconstruction for TOF
* Evaluation of 3D Reconstruction Algorithms for a Small Animal PET Camera
* head motion measurement system suitable for emission computed tomography, A
* Imaging performance of a-PET: a small animal PET camera
* Investigation of Time-of-Flight Benefit for Fully 3-D PET
* Performance characteristics of the 3-D OSEM algorithm in the reconstruction of small animal PET images
Includes: Daube Witherspoon, M.E. Daube-Witherspoon, M.E.
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Daubechies, I. Co Author Listing * Bayesian Nonparametric Approach to Image Super-Resolution, A
* Cradle Removal in X-Ray Images of Panel Paintings
* Detection of forgery in paintings using supervised learning
* Deterministic Analysis of Decimation for Sigma-Delta Quantization of Bandlimited Functions, A
* Digital cradle removal in X-ray images of art paintings
* Digital Image Processing of The Ghent Altarpiece: Supporting the painting's study and conservation treatment
* Image Coding Using Wavelet Transform
* Image Separation With Side Information: A Connected Auto-Encoders Based Approach
* LDMNet: Low Dimensional Manifold Regularized Neural Networks
* Lossless Image Compression Using Integer to Integer Wavelet Transforms
* Mixed X-Ray Image Separation for Artworks With Concealed Designs
* Multi-Modal Dictionary Learning for Image Separation With Application in Art Investigation
* Orthonormal Bases of Compactly Supported Wavelets
* Painting analysis using wavelets and probabilistic topic models
* Quantitative Canvas Weave Analysis Using 2-D Synchrosqueezed Transforms: Application of time-frequency analysis to art investigation
* Removal of Canvas Patterns in Digital Acquisitions of Paintings
* Removing Cradle Artifacts in X-Ray Images of Paintings
* Simpler Alternatives to Information Theoretic Similarity Metrics for Multimodal Image Alignment
* Spatiogram features to characterize pearls in paintings
* Special Issue on Wavelet Transformations and Multiresolution Signal Analysis
* Special Issue on Wavelets
* Tale of Two Bases: Local-Nonlocal Regularization on Image Patches with Convolution Framelets, A
* Ten Lectures on Wavelets
* Virtual Restoration of the Ghent Altarpiece Using Crack Detection and Inpainting
* Wavelet Transform, Time-Frequency Localization and Signal Analysis, The
* Where Do Wavelets Come from: A Personal Point-of-View
* X-ray image separation via coupled dictionary learning
Includes: Daubechies, I. Daubechies, I.[Ingrid]
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Daubias, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Statistical Lip-Appearance Models Trained Automatically Using Audio Information

Dauble, J.[Jordan] Co Author Listing * Efficient Error-Bounded General Camera Model, An

Daubmann, K.[Karl] Co Author Listing * Robotic Fabrication in Conservation: Digital Workflows and Skills Evaluation

Daubney, B.[Ben] Co Author Listing * Entropy Driven Hierarchical Search for 3D Human Pose Estimation
* Estimating 3D Human Pose from Single Images Using Iterative Refinement of the Prior
* Estimating 3D Pose via Stochastic Search and Expectation Maximization
* Estimating Gait Phase using Low-Level Motion
* Estimating pose of articulated objects using low-level motion
* Fixing the root node: Efficient tracking and detection of 3D human pose through local solutions
* Monocular 3D human pose estimation using sparse motion features
* Real-time pose estimation of articulated objects using low-level motion
* Recognizing Conversational Interaction Based on 3D Human Pose
* Tracking 3D human pose with large root node uncertainty
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