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Darman, R.[Ridho] Co Author Listing * Development of GIS for Buildings in the Customary Village of Minangkabau Koto Gadang, West Sumatra, Indonesia

Darmawan, M.[Mulyanto] Co Author Listing * Spatial-Planning-Based Ecosystem Adaptation (SPBEA): A Concept and Modeling of Prone Shoreline Retreat Areas

Darmawan, S.[Soni] Co Author Listing * Identification before-after Forest Fire and Prediction of Mangrove Forest Based on Markov-Cellular Automata in Part of Sembilang National Park, Banyuasin, South Sumatra, Indonesia
* Mapping the Distribution of Coffee Plantations from Multi-Resolution, Multi-Temporal, and Multi-Sensor Data Using a Random Forest Algorithm

Darmet, L.[Ludovic] Co Author Listing * Weakly Supervised Adaptation to Re-sizing for Image Manipulation Detection on Small Patches

Darmody, R.G. Co Author Listing * On the Feasibility of Characterizing Soil Properties From AVIRIS Data

Darmon, C.A. Co Author Listing * New Recursive Method to Detect Moving Objects in a Sequence of Images, A

Darmon, F. Co Author Listing * Learning to Guide Local Feature Matches
* Polar Epipolar Rectification, The
* RANSAC-flow: Generic Two-stage Image Alignment
Includes: Darmon, F. Darmon, F.[François]

Darms, M.S. Co Author Listing * Obstacle Detection and Tracking for the Urban Challenge

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