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Dampage, U.[Udaya] Co Author Listing * IoT-Enabled Stochastic Operation Management Framework for Smart Grids, An

Damper, R.I.[Robert I.] Co Author Listing * Active radical modeling for handwritten Chinese characters
* Bayesian Framework for Extracting Human Gait Using Strong Prior Knowledge, A
* Customizing Kernel Functions for SVM-Based Hyperspectral Image Classification
* Empirical-Comparison of Neural Techniques for Edge Linking of Images, An
* fast separability-based feature-selection method for high-dimensional remotely sensed image classification, A
* Handwritten Chinese character recognition using nonlinear active shape models and the Viterbi algorithm
* Handwritten chinese radical recognition using nonlinear active shape models
* HMM-Based Subband Processing Approach to Speaker Identification, An
* Improving speaker identification in noise by subband processing and decision fusion
* Model Selection Within a Bayesian Approach to Extraction of Walker Motion
* Neural Network Approach to Planar-Object Recognition in 3D Space, A
* No Panacea Theorem for classifier combination, A
* No Panacea Theorem for Multiple Classifier Combination, A
* Nonlinear active handwriting models and their applications to handwritten Chinese radical recognition
* Object Tracking Via the Dynamic Velocity Hough Transform
* Radical Approach to Handwritten Chinese Character Recognition Using Active Handwriting Models, A
* Radical recognition of handwritten Chinese characters using GA-based kernel active shape modelling
* Recognition of Planar Objects in 3d Space
* Recognition of planar objects in 3D space using a modified dynamic link architecture
* Robust evidence-based object tracking
* Signature extraction using mutual interdependencies
Includes: Damper, R.I.[Robert I.] Damper, R.I.
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Dampier, T.O.[Todd O.] Co Author Listing * System and method for counting parts in multiple fields of view using machine vision

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