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Crivellari, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Beyond Spatial Proximity: Classifying Parks and Their Visitors in London Based on Spatiotemporal and Sentiment Analysis of Twitter Data
* CrimeVec: Exploring Spatial-Temporal Based Vector Representations of Urban Crime Types and Crime-Related Urban Regions
* From Motion Activity to Geo-Embeddings: Generating and Exploring Vector Representations of Locations, Traces and Visitors through Large-Scale Mobility Data
* Mapping Dwellings in IDP/Refugee Settlements Using Deep Learning

Crivellaro, A. Co Author Listing * Dense Image Registration and Deformable Surface Reconstruction in Presence of Occlusions and Minimal Texture
* Novel Representation of Parts for Accurate 3D Object Detection and Tracking in Monocular Images, A
* Robust 3D Object Tracking from Monocular Images Using Stable Parts
* Robust 3D Tracking with Descriptor Fields
Includes: Crivellaro, A. Crivellaro, A.[Alberto]

Crivelli, T.[Tomas] Co Author Listing * Background-foreground tracking for video object segmentation
* Dense motion estimation between distant frames: Combinatorial multi-step integration and statistical selection
* Determining Occlusions from Space and Time Image Reconstructions
* Discovering motion hierarchies via tree-structured coding of trajectories
* From optical flow to dense long term correspondences
* Hierarchical motion decomposition for dynamic scene parsing
* Learning mixed-state Markov models for statistical motion texture tracking
* Mixed-state causal modeling for statistical KL-based motion texture tracking
* Mixed-State Markov Random Fields for Motion Texture Modeling and Segmentation
* Model Distribution Dependant Complexity Estimation on Textures
* Motion Textures: Modeling, Classification, and Segmentation Using Mixed-State Markov Random Fields
* Multi-reference combinatorial strategy towards longer long-term dense motion estimation
* Multi-step flow fusion: Towards accurate and dense correspondences in long video shots
* Object-guided motion estimation
* ROAM: A Rich Object Appearance Model with Application to Rotoscoping
* Robust Optical Flow Integration
* Simultaneous Motion Detection and Background Reconstruction with a Conditional Mixed-State Markov Random Field
* Simultaneous Motion Detection and Background Reconstruction with a Mixed-State Conditional Markov Random Field
* Visual object trapping
Includes: Crivelli, T.[Tomas] Crivelli, T.[Tomás] Crivelli, T.
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