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Cogranne, R.[Remi] Co Author Listing * Asymptotically optimal detection of LSB matching data hiding
* Camera Model Identification Based on the Heteroscedastic Noise Model
* Effects and solutions of Cover-Source Mismatch in image steganalysis
* Individual camera device identification from JPEG images
* new tomography model for almost optimal detection of anomalies, A
* Source camera device identification based on raw images
* Statistical detection of Jsteg steganography using hypothesis testing theory
* Statistical Model of Quantized DCT Coefficients: Application in the Steganalysis of Jsteg Algorithm
* Steganalysis of Jsteg algorithm based on a novel statistical model of quantized DCT coefficients
Includes: Cogranne, R.[Remi] Cogranne, R. Cogranne, R.[Rémi]
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