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Codd Downey, R.[Robert] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Underwater Sensors with an Amphibious Robot
Includes: Codd Downey, R.[Robert] Codd-Downey, R.[Robert]

Codd, A. Co Author Listing * Efficient Industrial System for Vehicle Tyre (Tire) Detection and Text Recognition Using Deep Learning, An

Coddington, J. Co Author Listing * Multiscale Anisotropic Texture Analysis and Classification of Photographic Prints: Art scholarship meets image processing algorithms

Coddington, O.[Odele] Co Author Listing * Impact of Using a New High-Resolution Solar Reference Spectrum on OMI Ozone Profile Retrievals
* Quantifying the Impact of Solar Spectra on the Inter-Calibration of Satellite Instruments
* SI-traceable Spectral Irradiance Radiometric Characterization and Absolute Calibration of the TSIS-1 Spectral Irradiance Monitor (SIM)

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