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Cefalo, R.[Raffaela] Co Author Listing * Efficiency of Geodetic and Low-Cost GNSS Devices in Urban Kinematic Terrestrial Positioning in Terms of the Trajectory Generated by MMS, The
* Kinematic Galileo and GPS Performances in Aerial, Terrestrial, and Maritime Environments
* Single-Frequency Kinematic Performance Comparison between Galileo, GPS, and GLONASS Satellite Positioning Systems Using an MMS-Generated Trajectory as a Reference: Preliminary Results
* Using Webgis And Cloud Tools to Promote Cultural Heritage Dissemination: the Historic Up Project
Includes: Cefalo, R.[Raffaela] Cefalo, R.

Cefalu, A. Co Author Listing * Development Of A Robot Guided Optical Multisensory System For Inline Inspection Of Cylinder Heads
* Hierarchical Structure From Motion Combining Global Image Orientation And Structureless Bundle Adjustment
* High-resolution Surface Reconstruction From Imagery For Close Range Cultural Heritage Applications
* Non-Incremental Derivation of Scale and Pose from a Network of Relative Orientations

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