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Bukoreshtliev, N.V.[Nickolay V.] Co Author Listing * Level Set Methods for Watershed Image Segmentation
* Unified Framework for Automated 3-D Segmentation of Surface-Stained Living Cells and a Comprehensive Segmentation Evaluation, A
Includes: Bukoreshtliev, N.V.[Nickolay V.] Bukoreshtliev, N.V.

Bukosa, B.[Beata] Co Author Listing * TCCON Philippines: First Measurement Results, Satellite Data and Model Comparisons in Southeast Asia

Bukovcic, P.[Petar] Co Author Listing * Polarimetric Radar Quantitative Precipitation Estimation

Bukovec, M.[Marko] Co Author Listing * Image registration for visual inspection of imprinted pharmaceutical tablets
* Print registration for automated visual inspection of transparent pharmaceutical capsules

Bukowski, J.[Julia] Co Author Listing * Mapping DNN Embedding Manifolds for Network Generalization Prediction
* Network Generalization Prediction for Safety Critical Tasks in Novel Operating Domains

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