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Briffa, J.A.[Johann A.] Co Author Listing * Cloning Localization Based on Feature Extraction and K-means Clustering
* Evolutionary Multiobjective Image Feature Extraction in the Presence of Noise
* Image Forensics of High Dynamic Range Imaging
* On the Performance of Wavelet Decomposition Steganalysis with JSteg Steganography
Includes: Briffa, J.A.[Johann A.] Briffa, J.A.

Briffa, K.R.[Keith R.] Co Author Listing * Temperature and Snow-Mediated Moisture Controls of Summer Photosynthetic Activity in Northern Terrestrial Ecosystems between 1982 and 2011

Briffa, M.[Mark] Co Author Listing * Design and Development of a 3D Digital Cadastre Visualization Prototype
* Strategic Actions for Increasing the Submission of Digital Cadastral Data by the Surveying Industry Based on Lessons Learned from Victoria, Australia

Brifman, A. Co Author Listing * Turning a denoiser into a super-resolver using plug and play priors

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