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Botia, S.[Santiago] Co Author Listing * Intercomparison of Planetary Boundary Layer Heights Using Remote Sensing Retrievals and ERA5 Reanalysis over Central Amazonia
Includes: Botia, S.[Santiago] Botía, S.[Santiago]

Botin Sanabria, D.M.[Diego M.] Co Author Listing * Digital Twin Technology Challenges and Applications: A Comprehensive Review
Includes: Botin Sanabria, D.M.[Diego M.] Botín-Sanabria, D.M.[Diego M.]

Botina Monsalve, D. Co Author Listing * Long Short-Term Memory Deep-Filter in Remote Photoplethysmography
* RTrPPG: An Ultra Light 3DCNN for Real-Time Remote Photoplethysmography
Includes: Botina Monsalve, D. Botina-Monsalve, D.

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