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Bono, C.M.[Claire M.] Co Author Listing * Object Recognition on a Systolic Array

Bono, J.W.[James W.] Co Author Listing * Deep Reinforcement Learning for Event-Driven Multi-Agent Decision Processes

Bonome, Y.G.[Yadira Garnica] Co Author Listing * Design and Assessment of Two Handling Interaction Techniques for 3D Virtual Objects Using the Myo Armband

Bonomi, F. Co Author Listing * Layered Internet Video Adaptation (LIVA): Network-Assisted Bandwidth Sharing and Transient Loss Protection for Video Streaming
* Proxy-Based Multi-Stream Scalable Video Adaptation Over Wireless Networks Using Subjective Quality and Rate Models

Bonomi, L.[Luca] Co Author Listing * Optimal group route query: Finding itinerary for group of users in spatial databases

Bonomi, M.[Mattia] Co Author Listing * Contactless approach for heart rate estimation for QoE assessment
* Towards QOE estimation of 3D contents through non-invasive methods
Includes: Bonomi, M.[Mattia] Bonomi, M.

Bonora, A. Co Author Listing * Environmental Microclimate Management and Risk in The Unesco World Heritage Site of Villa Barbaro Maser (Italy)

Bonora, V. Co Author Listing * Digital Workflow for the Acquisition And Elaboration of 3D Data in A Monumental Complex: the Fortress of Saint John the Baptist in Florence
* Florence Baptistery: 3-d Survey As A Knowledge Tool For Historical And Structural Investigations, The
* From Real to ... real. A Review of Geomatic and Rapid Prototyping Techniques for Solid Modelling in Cultural Heritage Field
* Geomatic 3D Modeling of a Statue (also) for Structural Analysis and Risk Evaluation: the Example of San Giovannino Martelli in Florence
* High-quality 3D Models And Their Use in A Cultural Heritage Conservation Project
* Laser Scanning And Modelling of Barely Visible Features: the Survey Of The Grotto of the Animals At the Villa of Castello (florence)

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