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Bokolas, V.[Vassilis] Co Author Listing * Culture of Epigraphy: From Historic Breakthrough to Digital Success, The
* Educational Creative Use and Reuse of Digital Cultural Heritage Data for Cypriot UNESCO Monuments
Includes: Bokolas, V.[Vassilis] Bokolas, V.[Vasilis]

Bokor, L. Co Author Listing * interdependence of spatial and angular resolution in the quality of experience of light field visualization, The

Bokor, Z.[Zsolt] Co Author Listing * Information revealed from scrolling interactions on mobile devices

Bokov, A. Co Author Listing * 100+ Times Faster Video Completion by Optical-Flow-Guided Variational Refinement
* Toward an objective benchmark for video completion
* Toward fully automatic channel-mismatch detection and discomfort prediction for S3D video
Includes: Bokov, A. Bokov, A.[Alexander]

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