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Boev, A.[Atanas] Co Author Listing * 3D-DCT based perceptual quality assessment of stereo video
* Anti-aliasing filtering of 2D images for multi-view auto-stereoscopic displays
* Binocular depth perception: Does head parallax help people see better in depth?
* Contextformer: A Transformer with Spatio-Channel Attention for Context Modeling in Learned Image Compression
* Crosstalk Measurement Methodology for Auto-Stereoscopic Screens
* Juxtaposition between compression and depth for stereoscopic image quality on portable auto-stereoscopic display
* Measurement of perceived spatial resolution in 3D light-field displays
* Opengl-Based Control of Semi-Active 3D Display
* Passband measurement methodology for multiview 3D displays
* Quantifying the importance of cyclopean view and binocular rivalry-related features for objective quality assessment of mobile 3D video
* Simulator sickness: Five experiments using autostereoscopic mid-sized or small mobile screens
* Three-Dimensional Media for Mobile Devices
* Towards Compound Stereo-Video Quality Metric: A Specific Encoder-Based Framework
Includes: Boev, A.[Atanas] Boev, A.
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