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Blot, L.[Lilian] Co Author Listing * Automated Quality Assurance Applied to Mammographic Imaging
* Synthesis and Analysis of Solid Texture: Application in Medical Imaging
Includes: Blot, L.[Lilian] Blot, L.

Blot, M. Co Author Listing * Max-min convolutional neural networks for image classification
* Reve: Regularizing Deep Learning with Variational Entropy Bound
* Shade: Information-Based Regularization for Deep Learning

Blot, V.[Valentin] Co Author Listing * Quasi-Affine Transformation in 3-D: Theory and Algorithms
* Quasi-Affine Transformation in Higher Dimension

Blott, G.[Gregor] Co Author Listing * Semantic Segmentation of Fisheye Images
* View-Aware Person Re-identification

Blott, M. Co Author Listing * SYQ: Learning Symmetric Quantization for Efficient Deep Neural Networks

Blottermann, G. Co Author Listing * Improved H.264/AVC coding using texture analysis and synthesis

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