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Bi, J.[Jinbo] Co Author Listing * AdaBoost on low-rank PSD matrices for metric learning
* Amazon Forests' Response to Droughts: A Perspective from the MAIAC Product
* Application of Physically-Based Slope Correction for Maximum Forest Canopy Height Estimation Using Waveform Lidar across Different Footprint Sizes and Locations: Tests on LVIS and GLAS
* Correcting Misalignment of Automatic 3D Detection by Classification: Ileo-Cecal Valve False Positive Reduction in CT Colonography
* Developing an Advanced PM2.5 Exposure Model in Lima, Peru
* Divergent Arctic-Boreal Vegetation Changes between North America and Eurasia over the Past 30 Years
* Effective 3D object detection and regression using probabilistic segmentation features in CT images
* Global Data Sets of Vegetation Leaf Area Index (LAI)3g and Fraction of Photosynthetically Active Radiation (FPA
* Hierarchical learning for tubular structure parsing in medical imaging: A study on coronary arteries using 3D CT Angiography
* min-max framework of cascaded classifier with multiple instance learning for computer aided diagnosis, A
* Stratified learning of local anatomical context for lung nodules in CT images
Includes: Bi, J.[Jinbo] Bi, J.[Jian] Bi, J.[Jianzhao]
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Bi, J.B.[Jin Bo] Co Author Listing * Joint Optimization of Cascaded Classifiers for Computer Aided Detection
* MILES: Multiple-Instance Learning via Embedded Instance Selection
* Multiple Instance Learning of Pulmonary Embolism Detection with Geodesic Distance along Vascular Structure
* Sparse Support Vector Machine Approach to Region-Based Image Categorization, A
* Stratified regularity measures with Jensen-Shannon divergence
Includes: Bi, J.B.[Jin Bo] Bi, J.B.[Jin-Bo]

Bi, J.T.[Jian Tao] Co Author Listing * Direct georeferencing of oblique and vertical imagery in different coordinate systems
Includes: Bi, J.T.[Jian Tao] Bi, J.T.[Jian-Tao]

Bi, J.W.[Jing Wu] Co Author Listing * Reconstruction of Daily Sea Surface Temperature Based on Radial Basis Function Networks
Includes: Bi, J.W.[Jing Wu] Bi, J.W.[Jing-Wu]

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