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Bey Beghdad, K. Co Author Listing * Fingerprint matching from minutiae texture maps
* Fingerprint Matching Using Minutiae Coordinate Systems
Includes: Bey Beghdad, K. Bey-Beghdad, K.[Kadda]

Bey Temsamani, A.[Abdellatif] Co Author Listing * CAD2Render: A Modular Toolkit for GPU-accelerated Photorealistic Synthetic Data Generation for the Manufacturing Industry
* Strong Geometric Baseline for Cross-View Matching of Multi-person 3D Pose Estimation from Multi-view Images, A
Includes: Bey Temsamani, A.[Abdellatif] Bey-Temsamani, A.[Abdellatif]

Bey, A.[Adia] Co Author Listing * Collect Earth: Land Use and Land Cover Assessment through Augmented Visual Interpretation
* Effective Shapes Generation for Bayesian CAD Model Reconstruction
* Reconstruction of Consistent 3D CAD Models from Point Cloud Data Using A Priori CAD Models
Includes: Bey, A.[Adia] Bey, A.[Aurelien] Bey, A.[Aurélien]

Bey, K.B.[Kadda Beghdad] Co Author Listing * Password hardened fuzzy vault for fingerprint authentication system
* PSCS-Net: Perception Optimized Image Reconstruction Network for Autonomous Driving Systems

Bey, N.Y.[Nouredine Yahya] Co Author Listing * Highly accurate frequency estimation of brief duration signals in noise
* Multi-resolution Fourier Analysis: achieved high resolutions with suppressed finite observation effects
* Multi-resolution fourier analysis: extraction and missing signal recovery of short buried signals in noise
* Multi-resolution Fourier analysis: Time-frequency resolution in excess of Gabor-Heisenberg limit
* Recovering of autoregressive spectral estimates of signals buried in noise
Includes: Bey, N.Y.[Nouredine Yahya] Bey, N.Y.[Nourédine Yahya]

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