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Begaint, J. Co Author Listing * Region-Based Prediction for Image Compression in the Cloud
Includes: Begaint, J. Bégaint, J.

Begam, K.H.[K. Haseena] Co Author Listing * Development of electrochemical biosensor for breast cancer detection using gold nanoparticle doped CA 15-3 antibody and antigen interaction

Begam, M.H. Co Author Listing * Parallel Contextual Hexagonal Array Grammars and Languages

Begard, J. Co Author Listing * Real-time human detection in urban scenes: Local descriptors and classifiers selection with AdaBoost-like algorithms
* Real-Time Humans Detection in Urban Scenes
* Real-Time Posture Analysis in a Crowd using Thermal Imaging
Includes: Begard, J. Begard, J.[Julien]

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