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Batog, G.[Guillaume] Co Author Listing * Admissible linear map models of linear cameras

Batool, A.[Aisha] Co Author Listing * Traffic sign recognition using proposed lightweight twig-net with linear discriminant classifier for biometric application

Batool, M.[Maleeha] Co Author Listing * Investigative Spatial Distribution and Modelling of Existing and Future Urban Land Changes and Its Impact on Urbanization and Economy

Batool, N. Co Author Listing * Assessment of facial wrinkles as a soft biometrics
* Automated Facial Wrinkles Annotator
* Detection and Inpainting of Facial Wrinkles Using Texture Orientation Fields and Markov Random Field Modeling
* Detection and spatial analysis of hepatic steatosis in histopathology images using sparse linear models
* Fast detection of facial wrinkles based on Gabor features using image morphology and geometric constraints
* Image-based evaluation of treatment responses of facial wrinkles using LDDMM registration and Gabor features
* Markov Point Process model for wrinkles in human faces, A
* Modeling and Detection of Wrinkles in Aging Human Faces Using Marked Point Processes
Includes: Batool, N. Batool, N.[Nazre]
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Batool, S.I.[Syeda Iram] Co Author Listing * new implementation of chaotic S-boxes in CAPTCHA, A

Bator, M.[Marcin] Co Author Listing * Advantages of Using Object-Specific Knowledge at an Early Processing Stage in the Detection of Trees in LIDAR Data
* Fuzzy Hough Transform-Based Methods for Extraction and Measurements of Single Trees in Large-Volume 3D Terrestrial LIDAR Data
* Heuristic Assessment of Parameters of the Local Ground Approximation from Terrestrial LIDAR Data
* Hough Transform for Opaque Circles Measured from Outside and Fuzzy Voting For and Against
* Where Is the Ground? Quality Measures for the Planar Digital Terrain Model in Terrestrial Laser Scanning

Batorski, D.[Dominik] Co Author Listing * Dataset for Automatic Mapping of Buildings, Woodlands, Water and Roads from Aerial Imagery

Batoryova, J.[Jana] Co Author Listing * Video Search with Collage Queries
Includes: Batoryova, J.[Jana] Bátoryová, J.[Jana]

Batouche, M. Co Author Listing * Ant colony system with external dynamics for point matching and pose estimation
* Ant colony system with local search for Markov random field image segmentation
* Bayesian Edge Regularization in Range Image Segmentation
* Deep semi-supervised learning for DTI prediction using large datasets and H2O-spark platform
* Fuzzy-Connectionist System for Diagnosing Cervical Cancer from Cell Images, A
* Investigation on deep learning for off-line handwritten Arabic Character Recognition using Theano research platform
* Knowledge Based System for Diagnosing Spinal Deformations: Moire Pattern Analysis and Interpretation, A
* MRF-based image segmentation using Ant Colony System
* Multi-agent Approach for Range Image Segmentation with Bayesian Edge Regularization, A
* Multi-view clustering with local refinement for cancer patient stratification
* multiagent system approach for image segmentation using genetic algorithms and extremal optimization heuristics, A
* New Bayesian Method for Range Image Segmentation, A
* novel approach for feature selection based on MapReduce for biomarker discovery, A
* novel approach for image denoising based on evolutionary game theory, A
* Quantum-Inspired Genetic Algorithm for Multi-source Affine Image Registration, A
* Robust Point Correspondence for Image Registration Using Optimization with Extremal Dynamics
* study on differential evolution and cellular differential evolution for multilevel color image segmentation, A
* Unsupervised Image Segmentation Using a Colony of Cooperating Ants
* Virtualized Real Object Integration and Manipulation in an Augmented Scene
Includes: Batouche, M. Batouche, M.[Mohamed]
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Batouche, M.C.[Mohamed Chaouki] Co Author Listing * neural-based method for optical flow estimation using phase correlation, A

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