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Bas, A.[Anil] Co Author Listing * 3D Morphable Models as Spatial Transformer Networks
* Fitting a 3D Morphable Model to Edges: A Comparison Between Hard and Soft Correspondences
* ORYX-MRSI: A fully-automated open-source software for proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging data analysis
* What Does 2D Geometric Information Really Tell Us About 3D Face Shape?
Includes: Bas, A.[Anil] Bas, A.[Abdullah]

Bas, C.[Cagdas] Co Author Listing * On Recognizing Actions in Still Images via Multiple Features
* Top-down and bottom-up attentional multiple instance learning for still image action recognition

Bas, E.[Erhan] Co Author Listing * Contour-based shape representation using principal curves
* End-to-end Piece-wise Unwarping of Document Images
* Local tracing of curvilinear structures in volumetric color images: Application to the Brainbow analysis
* Relaxing Contrastiveness in Multimodal Representation Learning
* X-DETR: A Versatile Architecture for Instance-wise Vision-Language Tasks
Includes: Bas, E.[Erhan] Bas, E.

Bas, P.[Patrick] Co Author Listing * Effects and solutions of Cover-Source Mismatch in image steganalysis
* Empirical Study of Steganography and Steganalysis of Color Images in the JPEG Domain, An
* Forensics Through Stega Glasses: The Case of Adversarial Images
* Geometrically invariant watermarking using feature points
* Image model and printed document authentication: A theoretical analysis
* Image watermarking: an evolution to content based approaches
* Impact of Downscaling on Adversarial Images
* New CDMA Technique for Digital Image Watermarking, Enhancing Capacity of Insertion and Robustness, A
* New Video-object Watermarking Scheme Robust to Object Manipulation, A
* Optimal Transport for Secure Spread-Spectrum Watermarking of Still Images
* Using the fractal code to watermark images
Includes: Bas, P.[Patrick] Bas, P.
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Bas, S. Co Author Listing * Investigations on the Global Image Datasets for the Absolute Geometric Quality Assessment of Msg Seviri Imagery

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