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Baklanova, O. Co Author Listing * Cluster analysis methods for recognition of mineral rocks in the mining industry

Baklanova, O.E.[Olga E.] Co Author Listing * Development of Methods and Algorithms of Reduction for Image Recognition to Assess the Quality of the Mineral Species in the Mining Industry

Baklouti, M.[Malek] Co Author Listing * 3D Head Pose Estimation and Tracking Using Particle Filtering and ICP Algorithm
* Intelligent Camera Interface (ICI): A Challenging HMI for Disabled People
* Virtu4D: a Real-time Virtualization of Reality

Baklouti, N.[Nesrine] Co Author Listing * PSO-Based Adaptive Hierarchical Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Knowledge Representation System (PSO-AHIT2FKRS) for Travel Route Guidance

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