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Aufrere, R. Co Author Listing * Accurate road following and reconstruction by computer vision
* Dynamic Vision Algorithm to Locate a Vehicle on a Nonstructured Road, A
* model-driven approach for real-time road recognition, A
* ORB-SLAM map initialization improvement using depth
* Real-time Decentralized Monocular SLAM
* Real-Time Map Refinement Method Using a Multi-Sensor Localization Framework, A
* Real-Time Monocular SLAM With Low Memory Requirements
* Recovering the 3d Shape of a Road by On-board Monocular Vision
* Road sides recognition in non-structured environments by vision
Includes: Aufrere, R. Aufrère, R.[Romuald] Aufrère, R.
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Aufrichtig, R. Co Author Listing * Perceived Noise Versus Display Noise in Temporally Filtered Image Sequences
* Perception of temporally filtered X-ray fluoroscopy images

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