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Atienza Vanacloig, V. Co Author Listing * Background modelling in demanding situations with confidence measure
* Classification of Honey Pollens with Imagenet Neural Networks
* Combined Self-Configuring Method for Object Tracking in Colour Video, A
* Locating People in Images by Optimal Cue Integration
* People and luggage recognition in airport surveillance under real-time constraints
Includes: Atienza Vanacloig, V. Atienza-Vanacloig, V. Atienza-Vanacloig, V.[Vicente]

Atienza, D.[David] Co Author Listing * EEG Correlates of Difficulty Levels in Dynamical Transitions of Simulated Flying and Mapping Tasks
* Markov Decision Process Based Energy-Efficient On-Line Scheduling for Slice-Parallel Video Decoders on Multicore Systems
* Predictive Reliability and Fault Management in Exascale Systems: State of the Art and Perspectives
Includes: Atienza, D.[David] Atienza, D.

Atienza, F. Co Author Listing * Solving Inaccuracies in Anatomical Models for Electrocardiographic Inverse Problem Resolution by Maximizing Reconstruction Quality

Atienza, N. Co Author Listing * Characterising Epithelial Tissues Using Persistent Entropy
* On the stability of persistent entropy and new summary functions for topological data analysis
Includes: Atienza, N. Atienza, N.[Nieves]

Atienza, R.[Rowel] Co Author Listing * Data Augmentation for Scene Text Recognition
* GOO: A Dataset for Gaze Object Prediction in Retail Environments
* Improving Model Generalization by Agreement of Learned Representations from Data Augmentation
* REIN: Flexible Mesh Generation from Point Clouds
* Scene Text Recognition Models Explainability Using Local Features
* Scene Text Recognition with Permuted Autoregressive Sequence Models
Includes: Atienza, R.[Rowel] Atienza, R.

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