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Atapour Abarghouei, A. Co Author Listing * Back to Butterworth: A Fourier basis for 3D surface relief hole filling within RGB-D imagery
* Extended Patch Prioritization for Depth Filling Within Constrained Exemplar-Based RGB-D Image Completion
* GANomaly: Semi-supervised Anomaly Detection via Adversarial Training
* Generative adversarial framework for depth filling via Wasserstein metric, cosine transform and domain transfer
* Monocular Segment-Wise Depth: Monocular Depth Estimation Based on a Semantic Segmentation Prior
* Real-Time Monocular Depth Estimation Using Synthetic Data with Domain Adaptation via Image Style Transfer
Includes: Atapour Abarghouei, A. Atapour-Abarghouei, A. Atapour-Abarghouei, A.[Amir]

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