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Atae Allah, C. Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation by Jensen-Shannon Divergence: Application to Measurement of Interfacial Tension
* Measure of Quality for Evaluating Methods of Segmentation and Edge Detection, A
Includes: Atae Allah, C. Atae-Allah, C. Atae Allah, C.[Chakir]

Atae Allah, Z.[Zakaria] Co Author Listing * Filter To Remove Gaussian Noise by Clustering the Gray Scale, A
Includes: Atae Allah, Z.[Zakaria] Atae-Allah, Z.[Zakaria]

Ataee, Z.[Zivar] Co Author Listing * Structured dictionary learning using mixed-norms and group-sparsity constraint

Ataei, M.[Mehrnaz] Co Author Listing * Complying with Privacy Legislation: From Legal Text to Implementation of Privacy-Aware Location-Based Services

Ataer Cansizoglu, E.[Esra] Co Author Listing * Active Descriptor Learning for Feature Matching
* Calibration of Non-overlapping Cameras Using an External SLAM System
* Contour-based shape representation using principal curves
* Detecting and Grouping Identical Objects for Region Proposal and Classification
* Information Fusion Approach for Multiview Feature Tracking, An
* Manifold learning by preserving distance orders
* Minor Surfaces are Boundaries of Mode-Based Clusters
* Structure-based level set method for automatic retinal vasculature segmentation
* Tracking an RGB-D Camera Using Points and Planes
Includes: Ataer Cansizoglu, E.[Esra] Ataer-Cansizoglu, E.[Esra] Ataer-Cansizoglu, E.
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Ataer, E.[Esra] Co Author Listing * Matching Ottoman Words: An image retrieval approach to historical document indexing
* Retrieval of Ottoman documents

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