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Ashtari, A.H. Co Author Listing * Double Line Image Rotation
* Iranian License Plate Recognition System Based on Color Features, An

Ashtari, P.[Pooya] Co Author Listing * Supervised fuzzy partitioning

Ashtiani, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * Online Nearest Neighbor Search Using Hamming Weight Trees

Ashtiany, F.T. Co Author Listing * method for the segmentation of connected handwritten Persian digits, A

Ashton, E.A. Co Author Listing * Algorithms for the Detection of Sub-Pixel Targets in Multispectral Imagery
* Detection of Subpixel Anomalies in Multispectral Infrared Imagery Using an Adaptive Bayesian Classifier
* Evaluation of reproducibility for manual and semi-automated feature extraction in CT and MR images
* Multiple Resolution Bayesian Segmentation of Ultrasound Images
* novel volumetric feature extraction technique with applications to MR images, A
* Segmentation and features extraction techniques, with applications to biomedical images

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