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Aruga, H.[Haruhito] Co Author Listing * Mono-spectrum marker: an AR marker robust to image blur and defocus

Arujuna, A.[Aruna] Co Author Listing * Are Robotic-Assisted Catheter Ablation Lesions Different from Standard Catheter Ablation in Paroxysmal AF Patients? Novel CMRI Findings Made Possible with Semi-automatic 3-D Visualisation
* Automatic Segmentation of Left Atrial Scar from Delayed-Enhancement Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* Mapping Contact Force during Catheter Ablation for the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation: New Insights into Ablation Therapy
* Personalization of Atrial Anatomy and Electrophysiology as a Basis for Clinical Modeling of Radio-Frequency Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation
Includes: Arujuna, A.[Aruna] Arujuna, A.

Arulampalam, S. Co Author Listing * Gaussian-Sum Cubature Kalman Filter with Improved Robustness for Bearings-only Tracking
* influence of communication bandwidth on target tracking with angle only measurements from two platforms, The
* Target Motion Analysis Using Range-Only Measurements: Algorithms, Performance and Application to ISAR Data
* tutorial on particle filters for on-line non-linear/non-Gaussian Bayesian tracking, A
Includes: Arulampalam, S. Arulampalam, S.[Sanjeev]

Aruliah, D.A. Co Author Listing * Stereo Reconstruction of Droplet Flight Trajectories

Arulkumaran, K.[Kai] Co Author Listing * assistive haptic interface for appearance-based indoor navigation, An
* Deep Reinforcement Learning: A Brief Survey
* Generative Adversarial Networks: An Overview
Includes: Arulkumaran, K.[Kai] Arulkumaran, K.

Arulprakash, G. Co Author Listing * Mid-sagittal plane detection in brain magnetic resonance image based on multifractal techniques

Arumae, T.[Tauri] Co Author Listing * Interferometric SAR Coherence Models for Characterization of Hemiboreal Forests Using TanDEM-X Data
Includes: Arumae, T.[Tauri] Arumäe, T.[Tauri] (Maybe also Arumaee, T.)

Arumugam, A. Co Author Listing * Thinning Algorithm Based on the Force Between Charged Particles, A

Arumugam, B. Co Author Listing * Dental radiographs and photographs in human forensic identification

Arumugam, H. Co Author Listing * vision-based approach to collision prediction at traffic intersections, A

Arumugam, S. Co Author Listing * BIONET: an artificial neural network model for diagnosis of diseases
* Fuzzy technique based recognition of handwritten characters
* Texture classification with combined rotation and scale invariant wavelet features
* Texture image segmentation using combined features from spatial and spectral distribution

Arumugavelu, S. Co Author Listing * SIMD Algorithms for Single Link and Complete Link Pattern Clustering

Arumugham, R. Co Author Listing * New Method for Generation of Three-Dimensional Cubes, A

Arun, J.B. Co Author Listing * Dynamic signature verification for secure retrieval of classified information

Arun, K. Co Author Listing * Face Recognition Using Transform Features and Neural Networks

Arun, K.R. Co Author Listing * Touch Interface Exploiting Time-Frequency Classification Using Zak Transform for Source Localization on Solids, A

Arun, K.S. Co Author Listing * Least-Squares Fitting of Two 3-D Point Sets
* Optimizing visual dictionaries for effective image retrieval

Arun, M. Co Author Listing * Hand-held low-light photography with exposure bracketing
* Multi-Shot Deblurring for 3D Scenes

Arun, P.B.[P. Bharath] Co Author Listing * Controlling the position of jointed arm robot using image processing for pick and place operations

Arun, R. Co Author Listing * Clustering in Concept Association Networks

Arun, S.P. Co Author Listing * Do Computational Models Differ Systematically from Human Object Perception?

Arunachalam, M.[Murugan] Co Author Listing * efficient and automatic glioblastoma brain tumor detection using shift-invariant shearlet transform and neural networks, An

Arunkumar, N. Co Author Listing * Classification of focal and non focal EEG using entropies

Arunkumar, S. Co Author Listing * Back to the future: A fully automatic method for robust age progression

Arunprasath, T.[Thiyagarajan] Co Author Listing * PET image reconstruction using ANN

Aruru, S. Co Author Listing * VLSI System Architecture for Lossless Image Compression, A

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