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Arlicot, A. Co Author Listing * Circular Road Sign Extraction from Street Level Images using Colour, Shape and Texture Database Maps
* Minimal-delay distance transform for neighborhood-sequence distances in 2D and 3D
* Path-Based Distance with Varying Weights and Neighborhood Sequences
* Streaming Distance Transform Algorithm for Neighborhood-Sequence Distances, A
Includes: Arlicot, A. Arlicot, A.[Aurore]

Arlinghaus, L.R.[Lori R.] Co Author Listing * Early DCE-MRI Changes after Longitudinal Registration May Predict Breast Cancer Response to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
* Robustness of Quantitative Compressive Sensing MRI: The Effect of Random Undersampling Patterns on Derived Parameters for DCE- and DSC-MRI
Includes: Arlinghaus, L.R.[Lori R.] Arlinghaus, L.R.

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