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Arlandis, J.[Joaquim] Co Author Listing * Boundary Error Analysis and Categorization in the TRECVID News Story Segmentation Task
* Filled-in Document Identification Using Local Features and a Direct Voting Scheme
* Handwritten Character Recognition Using the Continuos Distance Transformation
* Identification of Very Similar Filled-in Forms with a Reject Option
* OCR Post-processing Using Weighted Finite-State Transducers
* Rejection strategies and confidence measures for a k-nn classifier in an ocr task
* Stochastic Error-correcting Parsing for OCR Post-processing
* User-Defined Expected Error Rate in OCR Postprocessing by Means of Automatic Threshold Estimation
* Using Field Interdependence to Improve Correction Performance in a Transducer-Based OCR Post-Processing System
Includes: Arlandis, J.[Joaquim] Arlandis, J.
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Arlazarov, V.L.[Vladimir L.] Co Author Listing * ANA HEp-2 cells image classification using number, size, shape and localization of targeted cell regions

Arlazarov, V.V.[Vladimir V.] Co Author Listing * On optimal stopping strategies for text recognition in a video stream as an application of a monotone sequential decision model

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