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An, X.[Xing] Co Author Listing * Double-bootstrapping source data selection for instance-based transfer learning
* Effect of lane allocation on operational efficiency at weaving areas based on a cellular automaton model
* Multi-output least-squares support vector regression machines
* Optimal colour-based mean shift algorithm for tracking objects
* Vectorization of Linear Features In Scanned Topographic Maps Using Adaptive Image Segmentation and Sequential Line Tracking
Includes: An, X.[Xing] An, X.[Xu] An, X.[Xin] An, X.

An, X.B.[Xiao Bo] Co Author Listing * Demographic effects on estimates of automatic face recognition performance
Includes: An, X.B.[Xiao Bo] An, X.B.[Xiao-Bo]

An, X.D.[Xiang Dong] Co Author Listing * Influence of Different Modelling Factors on Global Temperature and Pressure Models and Their Performance in Different Zenith Hydrostatic Delay (ZHD) Models, The
* Modelling Global Ionosphere Based on Multi-Frequency, Multi-Constellation GNSS Observations and IRI Model
* Refined SNR Based Stochastic Model to Reduce Site-Dependent Effects, A
Includes: An, X.D.[Xiang Dong] An, X.D.[Xiang-Dong]

An, X.J.[Xiang Jing] Co Author Listing * Hierarchical image representation via multi-level sparse coding
* Lane Detection Based on Visual Attention
* Lane Detection Using Steerable Filters and FPGA-based Implementation
* Multi-scale and Multi-orientation Local Feature Extraction for Lane Detection Using High-Level Information
* Real-time lane departure warning system based on a single FPGA
* Saliency Detection Based on Frequency and Spatial Domain Analyses
* Visual Saliency Based on Scale-Space Analysis in the Frequency Domain
Includes: An, X.J.[Xiang Jing] An, X.J.[Xiang-Jing]
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