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An, R. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Reliability and Impact Factors of Mutual Information Similarity Criterion for Remote Sensing Imagery Template Matching
* Assimilating SMOS Brightness Temperature for Hydrologic Model Parameters and Soil Moisture Estimation with an Immune Evolutionary Strategy
* Deep Learning-Based Robust Change Detection Approach for Very High Resolution Remotely Sensed Images with Multiple Features, A
* Enhancing Land Cover Mapping through Integration of Pixel-Based and Object-Based Classifications from Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Improved Top-Hat Filter with Sloped Brim for Extracting Ground Points from Airborne Lidar Point Clouds, An
* Learnable Pooling Methods for Video Classification
* Object-Based Superresolution Land-Cover Mapping From Remotely Sensed Imagery
* Subpixel Land Cover Mapping Using Multiscale Spatial Dependence
* Super-Resolution Mapping of Impervious Surfaces from Remotely Sensed Imagery with Points-of-Interest
Includes: An, R. An, R.[Ru] An, R.[Ruijian]
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An, R.M.[Ruo Ming] Co Author Listing * Grid-clustered rough set model for self-learning and fast reduction
Includes: An, R.M.[Ruo Ming] An, R.M.[Ruo-Ming]

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