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Amsaleg, L.[Laurent] Co Author Listing * AlignMixup: Improving Representations By Interpolating Aligned Features
* Content-based image retrieval from a large image database
* Content-based Retrieval Using Local Descriptors: Problems and Issues from a Database Perspective
* Evaluation of GIST descriptors for web-scale image search
* Integration of Exploration and Search: A Case Study of the M3 Model
* Locality sensitive hashing: A comparison of hash function types and querying mechanisms
* M3 + P3 + O3 = Multi-D Photo Browsing
* Multi-Dimensional Data Model for Personal Photo Browsing, A
* NV-Tree: An Efficient Disk-Based Index for Approximate Search in Very Large High-Dimensional Collections
* NV-Tree: nearest neighbors at the billion scale
* PhotoCube: effective and efficient multi-dimensional browsing of personal photo collections
* Query-Adaptive locality sensitive hashing
* Robust Technique to Recognize Objects in Images, and the DB Problems it Raises, A
* Security-oriented picture-in-picture visual modifications
* Shaping-Up Multimedia Analytics: Needs and Expectations of Media Professionals
* Ten Research Questions for Scalable Multimedia Analytics
Includes: Amsaleg, L.[Laurent] Amsaleg, L.
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Amsaprabhaa, M. Co Author Listing * survey on spatio-temporal framework for kinematic gait analysis in RGB videos, A

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