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Alyafeai, Z.[Zaid] Co Author Listing * Meter classification of Arabic poems using deep bidirectional recurrent neural networks

Alyahya, M.[Munirah] Co Author Listing * Temporal Driver Action Localization using Action Classification Methods

Alyamani, H.J.[Hasan J.] Co Author Listing * Lidar Point Cloud Compression, Processing and Learning for Autonomous Driving

Alyami, S.[Saeed] Co Author Listing * Novel Flexibility Indices of Controllable Loads in Relation to EV and Rooftop PV

Alyami, S.H.[Saleh H.] Co Author Listing * Landfill Site Selection Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, Remote Sensing Data, and Geographic Information System Tools in Najran City, Saudi Arabia

Alyasseri, Z.A.A.[Zaid Abdi Alkareem] Co Author Listing * Person identification using EEG channel selection with hybrid flower pollination algorithm

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