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Aly, A. Co Author Listing * Towards an online fuzzy modeling for human internal states detection

Aly, A.H.[Ahmed H.] Co Author Listing * Image Segmentation and Modeling of the Pediatric Tricuspid Valve in Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome

Aly, A.M.[Ahmed M.] Co Author Listing * Local trend discovery on real-time microblogs with uncertain locations in tight memory environments

Aly, H.[Heba] Co Author Listing * Accurate Real-time Map Matching for Challenging Environments
* Computing Value of Spatiotemporal Information
* Humaine: a ubiquitous smartphone-based user heading estimation for mobile computing systems

Aly, H.A. Co Author Listing * Augmented Reality Maintenance Training with Intel Depth Camera
* Fundamental Limits Of Steganographic Capacity For Multivariate-Quantized-Gaussian-Distributed Multimedia
* High-speed video haze removal algorithm for embedded systems
* hybrid demosaicking algorithm using frequency domain and wavelet methods, A
* Image up-sampling using total-variation regularization with a new observation model
* Motion compensated super-resolution of video by level sets evolution
* Real-Time FPGA Implementation of Visible/Near Infrared Fusion Based Image Enhancement, A
* Regularized image up-sampling using a new observation model and the level set method
* Regularized Model-Based Optimization Framework for Pan-Sharpening, A
* Specification of the Observation Model for Regularized Image Up-Sampling
Includes: Aly, H.A. Aly, H.A.[Hussein A.]
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Aly, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Automatic discovery of image families: Global vs. local features
* CompactKdt: Compact signatures for accurate large scale object recognition
* Distributed KD-Trees for Ultra Large Scale Object Recognition
* Indexing in large scale image collections: Scaling properties and benchmark
* Online learning for parameter selection in large scale image search
* Real time detection of lane markers in urban streets
* Scaling object recognition: Benchmark of current state of the art techniques
* Street view goes indoors: Automatic pose estimation from uncalibrated unordered spherical panoramas
* Super-Resolution and Sparse View CT Reconstruction
* Towards automated large scale discovery of image families
Includes: Aly, M.[Mohamed] Aly, M.
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Aly, M.H.[Moustafa H.] Co Author Listing * Novel breast cancer classification framework based on deep learning

Aly, M.M.S.[Mohamed M. Sabry] Co Author Listing * Hardware-Aware Softmax Approximation for Deep Neural Networks
* PSRR-MaxpoolNMS: Pyramid Shifted MaxpoolNMS with Relationship Recovery
* RDO-Q: Extremely Fine-Grained Channel-Wise Quantization via Rate-Distortion Optimization

Aly, M.S.[Mohamed Sabry] Co Author Listing * MaxpoolNMS: Getting Rid of NMS Bottlenecks in Two-Stage Object Detectors

Aly, O.[Omar] Co Author Listing * From Random to Hierarchical Data through an Irregular Pyramidal Structure

Aly, R.[Robin] Co Author Listing * Average Precision: Good Guide or False Friend to Multimedia Search Effectiveness?
* Multimodal Video-to-Video Linking: Turning to the Crowd for Insight and Evaluation
* probabilistic ranking framework using unobservable binary events for video search, A
* Reusing annotation labor for concept selection

Aly, R.B.N. Co Author Listing * Rocchio-Based Relevance Feedback in Video Event Retrieval

Aly, S.[Sherin] Co Author Listing * Adaptive feature selection and data pruning for 3D facial expression recognition using the Kinect
* Face recognition: challenges, achievements and future directions
* multi-modal feature fusion framework for kinect-based facial expression recognition using Dual Kernel Discriminant Analysis (DKDA), A
* On Face Recognition Using Hierarchical Self-Organized Gabor Features
* Partially occluded pedestrian classification using histogram of oriented gradients and local weighted linear kernel support vector machine
* Robust Face Recognition Using Multiple Self-Organized Gabor Features and Local Similarity Matching
Includes: Aly, S.[Sherin] Aly, S. Aly, S.[Saleh]

Aly, S.F.[Sherin F.] Co Author Listing * Facial Emotion Recognition with Varying Poses and/or Partial Occlusion Using Multi-stage Progressive Transfer Learning

Aly, W.[Walaa] Co Author Listing * Automatic Classification of Spatial Relationships among Mathematical Symbols Using Geometric Features
* Statistical Classification of Spatial Relationships among Mathematical Symbols

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